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Healthy Beauty Tips

 Beauty Tips:

  • Here, I am going to mention healthy beauty tips through the natural foods by using their face mask.
  • Easily available fresh and nutritious diet are extremely beneficial to maintain your glowing face and skin

Healthy Beauty Tips


10 Small Natural Ways to Your Beauty Routine That Can Make a Big Difference

It is very to easy to get stuck in a magnificence rut while you are release for time. For most of us, working or learning approach we don’t get to devote as so much time as we’d prefer to making an attempt out new healthy beauty tips or investing time in ourselves.

Healthy Beauty Tips

1. Brush your eyebrows backwards

2. Make your lip liner work tougher

3. Line your water line and tight line

4. Cheat cat-eye flicks

5. Give your skincare regime a boost

6. Seal your make-up with an ice dice

7. Pat merchandise into your epidermi

8. Cleanse regularly, typically twice daily.

9. Apply a toner after cleansing if you have oily skin.

10. Apply a moisturizer if you have dry skin.

Do Mangoes Really Help Healthy Skin

Mango is available in numerous varieties, but the most popular one among  is Alphonso. It is the most superior variety in terms of richness, flavor, and sweetness.

Healthy Beauty Tips

Vitamin C In Mangoes Helps

  • Glow of skin
  • Maintain integrity of skin layers
  • Regeneration of skin cells
  • Restores elasticity of skin
  • Helps fight pigmentation and sun tanHealthy Beauty Tips

    Mangoes For Oily Skin

  • Boil few pieces of mangoes in a cup of water
  • Let it cool
  • Store this solution in a containe

Mangoand Multani Mutti

This face pack gives you a softer skin by removing the dead skin. This face pack is full of antioxidants which are great for your skin.

  • 1 tbsp multani mitti (fuller’s earth)
  • 2 tsp water
  • 1 tsp yogurt

Benefits Of Papaya For Skin

Papaya can be a boon for those with dry skin.

What You Have To Do

1. Mix the papaya and the honey.
2. Apply the mask to your face. Keep it on for 30 minutes.
3. Rinse with cold water.




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